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This is the online version of OMPC, an Open-source MATLAB© to Python Compiler. Paste an m-file into the area as text, or upload a file. This file will be translated into Python compatible syntax. At the moment the OMPC is being tested. Until October 15th 2008 we are collecting m-files for the purpose of testing the compiler. This will hopefully allow us to finalize it and remove the last incomatibilities.

Nothing longer than 10000 characters will be saved in the database. It will be processed and translated in the full length. It came to our attention that the Google Appengine does not like how long it takes to compile some programs. In that case you might get message like the following:

Traceback (most recent call last):
    raise errors[err.application_error](err.error_detail)
You can either try to submit a shorter source code or retry with the original. At this point we have no other solution other than relocating the service to a system over which we have complete control.

The files you are uploading will be saved in our database. Please do not upload anything you wouldn't like us to see.

In the future this site will host the OMPClib. OMPClib as a Python module that unifies the packages numpy, scipy and matplotlib under standardized MATLAB interface.

or enter source code:

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